ImageAsdfghjkl where do I even start with you!?
your a fag.
No I’m kidding, lol. ^3^
Okay well seriously here goes.

Andrew, when we first met on chatango
we instantly hit it off.
Already we were sharing personal information about our lives.
And I can honestly say,
I have NEVER shared things about my RL the first time I’ve met them.
I don’t even know how you were able to get me
to open up so first!
Is there something I don’t know about? Owo cx

Anyhoo, the next time we spoke on chatango we got into a skype call,
despite me taking FOREVER to respond to you > w >
you still waited > w < ❤

In skype call I was the first one to show my face because you were being a little pusshie~! x3
But when you did
OMG I blushed so hard~!
You were the most handsome guy I have ever seen!
Although I made you self-conscious
by wasting 10 minutes laughing and blushing like a tart cx
I was just lost on words,
I did not know how I was gonna be able to talk and function properly
in front of a guy as flippin hot as yourself~! >3<

So after we talked, spent time together,
you were the closest I have ever been to somebody the first time we met. ♥

It’s so amazing how comfortable we had become with each other after the first day,
all the laughing, talking, and HanaAndrew shenanigans
throughout those few days.

Then we decided to have our first skype sleepover “Yaaay”~
ever since then its been like our ritual to spend all day and all night in a skype.
(( Now I can’t imagine not being in a skype call with you. ))

— ❤ —

Okie suu I was going to document the two and over years that we’ve
known each other BUUUUUUT
That would take me 5ever e w e
Suu i’ll start from around where we are now okieep. ♫ ?

You & I have preeeetty much been through everything together. o – o
You’ve seen me at my best and my worst and I’ve seen you at your best and your worst,
but one things for sure we’ve always been there for eachother. ✨

I’ve never been so close to anyone before,
you’re literally the only one that’s actually made an effort to be in my everyday life.//
Our relationship is more than just online,
We are family,
It’s like you are always right here with me♡;
We play around with each other;
we are always so silly;
Mainly me when you have to put up with my constant silly randomness > w <
Huehuehue c’:
::Eats a stick of pocky,
realizes its the last one::
T ^ T sonofabeaaach
As I was doing this I ran out of pockyyyyyy ; w ; Pu fu fu. ♪

anime_couples_989 Oh! OHH! Remember our Hana, Andrew & Lily Shenanigans ~ { ? }
Where I’d give Lily catnap and we’d just watch her spaz the fork out until she crashes
And then she just lays there in the most lazy way possible ^ u ^
She was our babeh c’: *Snifflez*
I’m so happy you were there with me when I first brought Lilybaby home.~
You experienced her grow up and become an even bigger pain in the tushie cx
But we loved our Lilygirl.♥

::Tries to through pocky box in the trash,
It misses and slides under dresser.::
“Eric Cartman voice: MOTHERMOCKER >:U “

large (4)
“I’m sorry for the two months I up and disappeared.
I will never disappear like that again I ‘promise’..♥”
But I mean the same day we were reunited
We made up for it that night;
Am I right or am I right? Eh, eh? ;D
LOL jkjk I’m kidding xDDD
((Da fawk ~? it took me a whole FORKING song just to type those 1,2,5,6 FLIPPIN LINES >:U !! WHY I TYPE SO SLOW RIGHT NOW!?))

But in all seriousness though a new strong connection was born again
between us that night
I felt so close to you
I was just so happy to finally see you again after so long. { ❤ }

^32935BDD021D853BAAF0383AF0D5AA602B6C09DEB2BE481582^pimgpsh_fullsize_distr Huehuehue now I can’t get over our shenanigans with Jackaloopi > w <
I swear you are making him super jelly since I’ve been spending time with you ~
Like when I brought you downstairs with me and Jack spotted me and did that metal gear solid exclamation mark ~ { ! } cx
And then there’s Jill. -w-
Then there’s our little Mickaloopi~! ♥ :’D

tumblr_nbyo601gnd1tkqds1o1_500 But seriously though I love you, Raziel;
Even though you always fall asleep on me you hoe c: ❤

SIDE NOTE: I call you Raziel now since you stopped going by ‘Tabris’ ouo

Valentine ❣ 】92eae07ba79ac2651e8caec396927abc

 ::It’s that time of the year Razzy-kuuun~
I wish we could have spent it together but { Oh well }
Hopefully we will spend our “anniversary” together ~ ne ♪
I miss you suuu much x u x
But chu are more than worth the wait ~ ! c’:
Suu chur little tushie bettah get back home to me soon, okieep? ❤ 00986c3daf5ef4b2154cee8a491fc9f3 Chu are always on my mind ~
Running laps in my head
and raping my thoughts  huehuehue ♥ w ♥
Know I didn’t say this enough
Which I still regret not saying u ~ u
I love you..
With all my Heart & Soul \( ^ o ^ ~

tumblr_mruwr318SI1sbu57zo1_500 Even when I kept going bat shiz And
became distant..
Deep down in my cold heart I always loved you.. ♡
I’m sowwie for being a M.o.n.s.t.e.r.
But I’m trying ~ { ! }
And I promise from now on things will change with my temper;
I’ve learned to better control my per-
Nel.. > w >
Nel: Hana.. >:I
Huehuehuehue * ^ *
But seriously Raz, I love you. ❤
Yes.. Loves not perfect.
But you are perfect to me in everyway.. { ❤  }

So have a very Happy Valentine’s Day my love ~ !
You are always and forever will be in my heart [ ❥ ]
~Hugs n Kisses~
Love, Hana ~ ne


[UNDER CONSTRUCTION: This is going to be sooo long, it might take me forever  >~>]


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  1. Kawaiiness c; Ahahaha this is funny and cute! xD

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