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{ Yandere } Alucard x Nirai: Doomsday

I see you

Alucard remembers it as if it were yesterday, the day he became Nirai’s Eidolon. For years he had been searching for that ‘special person’, knowing that coming to this dimension would help him do so. And that’s when he finally spotted Nirai, the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. She drew him towards her like a moth drawn to light, but the only difference was, Nirai was out of reach. Alucard could never be with her until she summoned him to be her eidolon, so he watched her, secretly keeping her safe on the sidelines while she worked with another Eidolon until eventually Nirai had Alucard’s key. Without wasting any time, she summoned him and had her Alucard and he had his Nirai.

Finally having Alucard was the best thing in the world to her, but what she didn’t know was that there is something hidden within this Eidolon that she has yet to see.


“Alucard~” Nirai called, plopping down in her chair and pulling out her scythe. It was a new scythe she had gotten, blue like the iciest days, and sharper than a shark’s tooth.

“Yes, malady?” He says, instantly appearing out of thin air, causing Nirai to look up at his floating form in surprise.

You’re very hasty to heed my call.” she teases and drops her gaze back down to her scythe, taking in it’s every detail, admiring it.

Alucard frowns, she should be paying him that kind of attention and admiration.
Impatiently he takes the scythe from her hands and places it away into her inventory then looks down at her, who was already looking up at him curiously. She’s so beautiful, he thought to himself.

I love you.” He says without thinking.

Nirai only giggles in response to him “I love you too, Alucard” she stands up and straightens out her clothing then goes over to him as he lowers himself closer to her. “You’re more affectionate than usual” she points out.

“Oh?” He raises an eyebrow. “Perhaps I should shower you with the affection you deserve then.”

Nirai narrows her eyes wondering what he meant by that “Alu-kun what do you-” Her words were cut off by a sudden soft pair of lips against her own. 

“Ngh Alu-” Her voice was muffled within the kiss as Alucard wraps his arms around her and brings her close to him.

He only deepens the kiss while Nirai stood there in shock and confusion but eventually she found herself kissing him back. A triumphant grin creeping its way onto Alucard’s face at her participation. After a little while he pulled away, allowing them a moment to catch their breath.This time when Alucard went in for another kiss, he nibbled her lower lip asking for access. Nirai’s eyes widened, at first not complying to him so he nips her lip, causing her to yelp in pain, while he takes the opportunity to slip his tongue inside her mouth. Once it was inside, his tongue explored every centimeter before becoming dominant and dominating her tongue with a lustful french kiss.

After the kiss ended, Alucard pulled back, leaving a trail of saliva between their tongues. Nirai’s cheeks turning a deepened cherry red, taking a step back away from him only to trip and fall on her bed. Uh oh.

This was just too good. A devilish grin crept itself onto Alucard’s face. Nirai was already right where he wanted her.

“A-Alucard we shouldn’t do this” Nirai quickly tries to get up but was trapped between Alucard’s arms being on either side of her. His body pressing down against her, leaving only two inches of space between their faces.

“Hmm are you saying you don’t want this?”

“N-No, Alucard I- It’s just..”

Alucard makes a fake frown “Oh I see..” he says sadly “I apologize.. all this time I thought you loved me”

Nirai’s eyes widened “I-I do love you… Alu-“

Alucard only shakes his head “Then it’s my fault isn’t it? I was only trying to express my affection.. and now you hate me” he fake sighs, being an amazing actor because Nirai was falling for it, which filled her with guilt.

“N-no… I’m sorry Alucard, I don’t hate you, It’s just me not being use to affection since you’re the first and only one I’ve ever loved” Nirai places her hand on his cheek “Please continue”

Alucard grins. ‘Oh naive little Nirai, it’s so adorable how easily you fall into my mind games’ he thinks to himself before locking his lips with hers. This time the kiss was deep and lustful.. and hungry. Alucard couldn’t get enough of the sweet taste of her lips.

He pulls away once more, soaking in her beauty. Momentarily running his fingers through her long sky blue hair, causing the delicate body under him to turn her face away with a blush of shyness. This made Alucard chuckle at how cute and shy she was, but what made it even better was that she was only that way with him.