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Haiii ~ ne♪
:: Suuu I’m working on a new story called ❝Se7en Deadly Sins❞
Here’s what it’s about .}

.Greed . Envy . Lust . Pride . Gluttony . Sloth |&| Wrath .
A Girl wakes up in a random room she’s never seen before, unaware of who she is and feeling completely empty.::
After scanning the room she notices a door and goes through come to meet [ 7 ] Different men all of which are the Seven deadly sins.
:: Each night she blacks out and more “secrets” are uncovered amonsted her sleep as well as a new door and part of her being . } What starts off as just a ‘love story’, turns into something dark and it is up to our protagonist, Hanaiel { ? } Despite never ending darkness and corruption, to decide her inevitable fate amongst these sadistic 7 deadly sins . For her’s and humanity’s sake |❣|】

Genre: Fantasy. Romance. Comedy. Action. Mystical. Fiction. Mystery. Horror.
Rated. 16-17 + :: Sexual content :: Mild profanity :: && girl x girl :: Sadistic and Masochistic nature ::

.:: Help is very much needed and wanted ::. For those wanting to help out, give me idea’s and/or collaborate leave me a message down below or elsewhere if you my other contact information . }

Now On To The Story


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.•*¨`*•..¸♥Sє7єη ƊєαɗƖу ηѕ♥ ¸.•*¨`*•.


“Are you awake?”


“Wake up.”

More Silence.

“Hey get up!”

My eyes dart wide open to constant nagging and a blackish grayish cat sitting right in front of my face.

“Finally you’re awake.” It licks its paw and grooms itself before looking at me to confirm it had my attention, opening its mouth to speak again but immediately cut off by-


“You can talk?” I gush at the cat as I sit up and rub my tired eyes sheepishly. I must be dreaming.

The cat snickers and stops its grooming. Straightening itself up into a more mannered position.

“Indeed, I can talk.”

“That’s so wrong.”

What’s so wrong about a cat talking?”

“That’s just it, cats AREN’T supposed to talk.” I scoff and gross my arms.

The cat facepalms, It FACEPALMS. Or Face’paws’ lol.

It finally responds to me after a long pregnant pause.

“We are getting off track here.” It sighs and climbs onto my lap. Circling around until it’s found a comfortable spot.



It faces me and purrs “My name is Cheshire,” he starts, “Do you know who you are?”

Yes of course I-

I begin but words suddenly fail to escape my lips as I am sitting here dumbfounded.
Who exactly Am I?

On second thought, where am I?

Thoughts and scenarios begin to flood my mind as I struggle to remember who I was, What I look like, What my name is or where am I.. How did I get here? Did the cat kidnap me? Okay maybe no, not that last one. But what even is this place?

I scan the space I’m in. It’s a room, a medium sized room. Royally decorated with fancy shmancy curtains elegantly draping over the window. A big wardrobe in the corner and a huge mirror right beside it. I look over to the other side of the room to see a beautiful feminine dresser with a heart shaped mirror hanging perfectly above it. My eyes then fall down to myself being covered by a thick velvety blanket belonging to the queen sized bed I was currently sitting on. This room definitely fit for royal status.

My eyes shift back to Cheshire, who is looking at me with concern, feeling discomfort from my long period of silence. Poor kitty.

Taking notice my attention is back on him, he clears his throat.

“My dear lady, you seem to have lost your memories,” He begins, “You are no longer the woman you use to be.”

I blink, completely  taken aback by Cheshire’s words, I mean- what does he mean ‘I lost my memories’? And what is he implying by saying ‘I am no longer the woman I use to be’?

“Then who am I?” I say, completely perplexed by this whole situation.

Cheshire helps himself off of my lap and starts to pace around the bed “Well for starters- your name is Hanaiel” He says.

“Hanaiel..” I mumble back to myself, burning the name into my mind “My name is, Hanaiel” I repeatMaking triple sure that I remember my own name.

“Yes, Hanaiel.” Cheshire nods at me and continues his little- or long explanation on who I am,  “You were once 7 different women, with 7 different traits in your past lives- all of which were sinful.” He looks at me and I nod to him, showing that I’m paying attention.

“And what were the sins?” I ask curiously, Cheshire seeming amused by my question.

“Curious are we? Well brace yourself my lady, this may become quite lengthy” He says and wastes no time as I prepare myself for a long background story.

“You were once 7 women of which were seven sins- Pride: You use to be a very prideful woman, you basked in your own accomplishments and put down any other who gained an accomplishment. You thought you were superior and did not have to listen to anyone, well my dear Hanaiel, you payed the price when you defied a king’s orders and were hung as penance for your crime. Sloth: Well this one speaks for itself, you were a very lazy woman, you slept day and night, and when you weren’t sleeping you were lying around lazily not doing anything with your time. One day your brother was in the task of making you breakfast, he oiled the pan up with grease to cook you some scrambled eggs but once looking into the fridge he was reluctant to find that there were none. Carelessly he leaves the oiled pan on hot stove so it could heat up while he was out purchasing a pack of a dozen eggs. Before leaving he goes over to your rested form on the couch and tells you to keep an eye on the pan. You give him a lazy nod and he leaves. When he returns- the house is completely engulfed in flames and you are burned to death during your slumber all because you ignored your brothers words, being too lazy to keep an eye on the pan and deciding to fall asleep instead.”

I find myself nodding at Cheshire’s every word, completely drawn in by the short stories of my past. I scoot myself closer to him wanting to hear more and he lets out a humored chuckle, taking my sudden course of action as a signal to continue on- he clears his throat.

“Lust: You were a woman of great sexual desire, having intercourse with many male suitors as well as some female. You were the most beautiful girl placed upon the earth for thousands of miles and were desired by almost everyone. Finally you fell in love with a man and settled down, but after a year when he could no longer satisfy your lustful needs in bed- you went behind his back and started cheating on him. This went on for half a year until your lover grew wry of you coming home smelling of sex and other men. One day he follows when you leave the house and catches you in the act, infuriated and greatly heartbroken he murders both you and the man you were having sex with. A much deserved ending for your unfaithfulness.”

I roll my eyes at Cheshire’s snarky comment”Just continue.”

“Very well- Envy: You were a young woman born in the lower class, rather poor and living with your mother whom you were caring for. You fell in love with a handsome young man of upper status, being as though you were lower class and he was upper a relationship between you two would never have been possible. There was another woman, you were envious of her. She was upper class, rich, wealthy, she wore some of the finest clothing, she had a loving family, adoring friends, admiring neighbors, 1 cat, 2 dogs, 2 goldfish and 5 horses, she had everything you didn’t- But most of all she had the love of the man you so badly wanted to be with and you hated her greatly for it. One day while she was out riding her horse alone, you jumped out of the bush startling the horse causing it to buck off the ground and throwing the girl from its back before riding off. Not even letting the female regain herself you immediately take out a kitchen knife and begin to stab her repeatedly until you were sure there was no more life present in her eyes. After the murder you frantically fled the scene reassuring yourself that no one would suspect it was you. Much to your dismay the man you loved was not far behind, he had spotted you leaving the bloody scene and followed you until he caught up with you. Once he did he threatened to report you to high authority, you tried to plead with him much to no avail and had to also kill the man you loved or you’d be executed. After a little while of tussling one another, you gained the upper hand and stabbed him in the throat- ultimately dying a short painful death. Crushed and broken by the whole outcome you look around to make sure there were no witnesses this time before fleeing. For years after the event you lived in great envy of other couples who had ‘Happy endings’ unlike yourself. Eventually your mother passed away and you fell into a even deeper depression pit of envy, finally fed up with seeing other people with happy lives you decide to end yours. You take the same knife you had murdered the man you loved with a few years ago and turn it against yourself, stabbing your heart repeatedly until your body could no longer muscle up the strength and you collapsed to the floor, dropping the knife and laying there until you bled out and died.”

Cheshire stops and takes many deep breaths, reimbursing himself with oxygen after that rather lengthy past story.

“You said a mouth full!” I tease the exhausted kitty. He playfully glares at me and we both burst into laughter.

“That was quite the mouthful this time wasn’t it?” He says as I responsively nod in agreement.

“That was so long, I feel exhausted for you!” I press the back of my hand against my forehead and fake pass out onto the bed from fake exhaustion.

Cheshire laughs at my playfulness and fake passes out beside me. We look towards each other and burst into another fit of laughter.

“So what’s next?” I say as I sit up on my elbows and completely turn to face him.

“Right.” He gets up and plops himself down right in front of me.