.Purple Diary.☁

Alternate Diary from my other one.))

Adult_NeptuneChuuuuu ~ 💕

Hai hai and welcome to my purple diary ツ
But ‘Shhh, it’s a secret


“❥Iғ oɴly yoυ coυld ѕee wнαт yoυ 「dιd тo мe」♪~~ “||

 ::I-I’m not going to use real names
Everyone I refer to will have their own names I assign ~
Anyhoo suu there’s this guy
No matter how much I try to deny
He has my heart in a bind
If only he knew how he made me feel
He’d know that my heart beats hard for him
When I know my heart should not beat this way for him
B-because me and Terumi-kun j-just.. 💔
*Puffs up cheeks*
I know deep inside it will never be what I want ~
Nevertheless I will stay by Terumi’s side!~~~
K y a a a you’re suuu cold Terumi-kuuuun for doing this to meeeee >//~//<

//Entry ::2::


*Blushes shyly*
::.I-I don’t understand my feelings

I’ve come to believe I’m pansexual
A-and I’ve come to the conclusion that
^///^ One day I want to experience what it’s like to be intimate with

Another woman ~ ))
I want to have a one night stand or perhaps spend a week

With one!~~ ♡♡


2 thoughts on “.Purple Diary.☁”

  1. Kawaiiness you are too adorable, please continue! ❤

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