.::Darkest Love::.


We all give into our darkness

once in a while…

This quote is for a story I will be posting here that I am working on called :
“Darkest Love”
And NO it is not a yaoi between Link and Dark Link ~ ! cx

(( Under construction ~ ! ))

Prologue ~

Oish~ is this what life is supposed to be? We all eventually choose the dark in us to get what we want~? Our darkest desires to shape our worlds the way we want them? The way we long them to be, the way we always think of subconsciously…

As if hearing my heartfelt thoughts he grins that same cheshire grin that has always sent my heart a violent flutter from my chest, and before I can even object to what he is about to do, he grabs my wrist and forcefully pulls me towards him as his other arm wraps around my waist, then that same hand that had firmly gripped my wrist is now hooked under my chin as he tilts my head up to look directly into those mischievous dark eyes.
“The darkness that stirs inside the heart and minds of beings is not always evil,” He leans in closer to my face, his face so close to mine that I can feel my heart racing. “Darkness balances out with light, our desires may not seem light, but they are not wrong. It is our darkness that can lead to pure happiness.”

I stare into his eyes quietly as he continues to explain.

“Would you rather suffer sadness in just the light, or find true happiness in what shapes every being?”

With that I felt like he was making me choose, stay with the man whom I’m so scared to hurt even though I don’t even love him or do what makes me happy, leave him, knowing it will badly break his heart and go into the arms of my beloved dark desire… my darkest love.

~ Chapter One ~

Tick tock… Tick tock
The clock mocked me as time was going by ever so slowly in math class, it was because this was the last class of my second semester of college, which meant I would be going back home for awhile.

Thinking about going back home makes me smile because I would be going back home to a almost mansion sized house, my loving parents who is too unwilling to let me move out until they’ve made sure I graduated college first and my two faithful companions. My mischievous cat Cheshire, and my Husky, Retriever and Pyrenees mixed breed dog Magma.

Impatiently I smooth out every non existent wrinkle in my skirt looking back over to the clock then down at my desk as I find my face planted down against the hard wood as my hair cover my head like a blanket.

A gentle familiar hand placed on my back as I slightly lift myself to see my boyfriend with his usual innocent smile as he was trying to reassure me that class would be over soon. I fully lift my body to be sitting up right in my seat as the clock makes that last tick and then the whole room was flooded by the sound of the dismissal bell.

Thank. GOD.

Before I knew it, I was up out of my seat and already making my way out the door as my boyfriend grabs a hold of my hand.
I stop completely and turn to face him there to find him staring at me with that little puppy-dog face not wanting me to leave without him.

His name is Charles.
We have been dating since high school.
My friends and his friends have always been saying how much of a cute couple we are and how perfect we are for each other.
So once we finish college, Charles and I plan on getting married.

Charles and I roughly spend almost all day with each other
Not a day goes by where he hasn’t told me of how much of a lucky guy he is to have me
and how much he appreciates every second of our company.

Quite frankly we enjoy each others company so much
its the most rarest thing when we come close to arguing.
He always speaks so gentle towards me
And pays the most utmost attention to my feelings as if he reads my mind.

Like one time Charles and I were walking through the park
I started having a taste for ice cream
Without saying anything Charles instantly went off
and came back with an ice cream cone.

Charles is a sweet guy but sometimes I feel like something is missing.
And as if he could tell what I was thinking again
Charles frowns and pulls me over to a locker.
He looks into my eyes in such a way like he was trying to read them,
So quickly I assert my eyes away causing him to move back with worry.

“Something’s on your mind.”
He says softly as he places his hand on my cheek.
I fix my eyes back on him as I paste a smile.

“Just daydreaming off about us sharing a bowl of ice cream~”
I respond sweetly as I place my hand over his.

His eyes light up with a hopeful yet relieved smile
as he wraps me in his arms
“Then I shall take my princess to get a bowl of icecream.”


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  1. Seems off to a good start. Very interesting.
    Continue please?

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