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Tнιѕ вloɢ нαѕ ιтѕ owɴ 17-yeαr-old,
тerrιвly ѕнy ɢιrl, wнo'ѕ lovιɴɢ,
ѕweeт, ғυɴɴy, ѕιlly, plαyғυl,
coмpαѕѕιoɴαтe, rαɴdoм, ғrιeɴdly,
opeɴ-мιɴded αɴd wнo loveѕ
cυтe тнιɴɢѕ & αɴιмαlѕ.
Sнe ιѕ α ɢαмer ɢιrl wнo αlѕo eɴjoyѕ
reαdιɴɢ αѕ well αѕ doιɴɢ
αɴyтнιɴɢ creαтιve.
Sнe тeɴdѕ тo ѕтαy loѕт deep ιɴ тнoυɢнт
мoѕт oғ тнe тιмe вecαυѕe нer мιɴd ιѕ
αlwαyѕ ғυll of dιғғereɴт тнoυɢнтѕ,
ιdeα'ѕ, dreαмѕ, ecт.
Sнe loveѕ мeeтιɴɢ ɴew people,
мαĸιɴɢ ғrιeɴdѕ αɴd нαѕ нer owɴ
υɴιqυe "ғιɴαl ғαɴтαѕy" lιĸe dreѕѕ ѕтyle.
Acтυαlly everyтнιɴɢ αвoυт тнιѕ ɢιrl ιѕ
woɴderғυlly υɴιqυe~!

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Now then, I probably should start mentioning what this blog is even about o3o
Suuuuuu har we guuuu~

Greetings all my lovely skittles and chocolate kisses~!

If you are on this page “*cough*stalkingme*cough*”, Then you really do lovez me ; 3 ; ! And want to know what this blog is about, You’re so sweeeeeeet. ❤ hur hur > w >
Well it’s actually a pretty random blog

*Takes off glasses* BY GOD..

Heehee yesh this blog ranges from randomness to cuteness to ..why am I even hereness?

I’ll have pages with many different things ^3^

Kawaiiness *^*

Randomness 83

My life and other things 8D “Boooooooo!”


..Different stuffz =w=

Suuu okay I’m finished my little entro now and i’ll try my best to keep you all entertained with everything else. ^-^
If your finished reading this and ready to venture into this blog in wonderland >w<

Now then kindly,


And have a pleasant day. c: ❤


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