{ Death Haniel : ‘King’ }

“Let’s go somewhere”




“But I’m booored”

“Then go do your job as a reaper.”

On that note Haniel huffed, crossing her arms and pouting in retaliation. Death paying her no mind.

Haniel is Death’s reaper apprentice and baby Death in training. Although she is quite childish, lazy and barely did her job of reaping souls, she is the best reaper out there and Death was actually proud of her, although he wouldn’t openly admit it. Haniel still had much to learn. Now If only she would get off her lazy butt.

“PLEEEAASEEEEEE with sugar cookies and whip cream ooon top?”

Death finally facepalms at her constant begging and breaths a sigh of annoyance “Fine.”

“YAAAY~” Haniel squeals in happiness, but was soon silenced by the grim ( Haha get it? ‘Grim’ ) feeling she was getting from Death.


Uh oh here it comes.

“-You have to do your job when we get back. You’re hopelessly slacking.” He scolds.

“Buuuu fineeee~” Haniel submits to his demand.

“Good.” He says “Now where is it you want to go?”

A huge grin plastered itself onto Haniel’s face “The ‘Couples amazement park’!


“Daaww but whyyyy?” Haniel’s shoulders sank.

“Two reasons, One: We’re not a couple. Two: I can’t be seen in public.”

Haniel snickers “Pffft! We don’t HAVE to be a couple to go to the ‘couples amusement park’; We can just pretend like the other 65% who go there~”

If Haniel could see Death’s expression, she’d see that he was staring at her with a straight face. “I still can’t be seen in public, nor do I like amusement parks. Honestly I don’t see the ‘amusement’ in them. And I can’t childishly pretend to be the lover of someone who I’m not.”

Haniel puffs up her cheeks before letting out a defeated sigh. It’s true, they weren’t a couple and it would be bad for ‘The’ Death, to be seen out in such a crowded public area.

Disheartened, Haniel goes over and sits under a tree, becoming lost deep in thought.

Death watches her then sighs. He knew he was being a bit too hard on her and he never much liked to see her feelings so crushed like that. Actually come to think of it, lately he has been harder on her more than usual, but didn’t know why. They’d been traveling together for over 12 years, from when Haniel was just a 5 year old and he had saved her life from the same demons that slaughtered her parents. He watched her grow up into the beautiful young lady she is today and she’d been so precious to him ever since. She was like his closest friend, companion and he lo-. Death pauses, shaking his head of his thoughts, why was he thinking so deeply about this?

He looks back at Haniel who had already stood up and had her scythe ready while walking past him. Before she can get far, he grabs her wrist, stopping her in her tracks. “Where are you going?”


“We’re already ‘out’ be more specific.”

“To do my job.”

Death suddenly pulls her closer to him, causing a subconscious blush to appear on Haniel’s face. “Hmm? I thought you wanted to go to the ‘couples amusement park’, have you changed your mind just that fast?” He teases her.

Haniel raises a suspicious eyebrow at him “I DID want to go, but you were being a HUGE meanie pants~” She yanks her wrist away from him and continues walking but he swiftly grabs her tail.

“How about you try saying that again.” He says dominantly, applying pressure to her tail within his hand.

“I-I mean you w-were just wisely stating why we shouldn’t go; N-now please for the love of succubi’s everywhere, Let go of my tail!” she whines, the hold Death had on her tail was causing her too much pleasure. Pleasure she did not want to admit to.

“Are you going to be a good girl then?” He grins.

Haniel nods her head furiously “Y-yes! Now lemme gooo pleaaseee” she whimpers under his dominating power.

Death chuckles at her reaction “Fine.” He says and releases her tail from his grip. “Now get ready, we’re going to the amusement park.”

Haniel’s eyes widens with sparkles in them “Really~!?”

“Yes, ‘really’. Now go get ready before I change my mind.” His words came out stern but there was a smirk behind them.

“Yes senpai ~ !” She says before running off to go get ready.

Death crosses his arms and raises an eyebrow “Senpai?” He shakes his head and brushes it off, ‘Ghod’ only knows that Death has learned to ‘live’ with Haniel’s.. ‘Hanielness’. Oh the irony.

“I caught you watching me under the light
Can I realign?
They say it’s easy to leave you behind
I don’t wanna try”


((. To Be Continued..