Hana x Nana


⌈”Although we are the complete opposite of each other..
we share the same heart and

Twin_girL_by_Aruya_p❤ :: These two girls are currently the age of seventeen.
Their favorite colors are blue and red.
Hana’s signature fave color is any light baby blue,
whilst Nana’s is any type of
blue & red;


{{.You may notice that they heavily take on the roles of
light and darkness.
Hana having the role of “light” & Nana
having the role of “darkness.
Although both girls are the kindest and sweetest at heart.

» Nana symbolizing the night & Hana
symbolizing the moon light”.


[[ Nana although really kind, has a lack of emotion,
if not any emotion at all.
Though emotion is when Nana wishes she has the most.
She is usually seen expressionless but could be considered
a actress  because of how well she
fakes her emotions by adding a forced smile.
She is like Hana’s protector; sword & shield,
she dedicates herself in protecting Hana from any harm
or pain. Hence the having no emotion, there is nothing that can faze
her. She does more than her best to ward off any harm coming Hana’s way.
Nana seems to have a high resistance to pain,
therefore when physically injured, it does not bother her at all.
When asked if the injury is paining her,
you can hear her mention how she does not feel it at all or very little.
The only thing that gets to Nana, is Hana’s pain.
She loves Hana very deeply and gladly dedicates her life to her . ; ;


////. Hana is the complete opposite of Nana.
she is full of emotion and very hyper.
Although is the weaker and most fragile of the two.
She can be naive and relies on Nana to make most of her decisions.
She is very bubbly and full of life, despite her laziness.
She is very sensitive and her feelings are easily hurt.
Hana loves being around friendly people and performing in front of crowds
“Even though she’s extremely shy and gets stage fright.”
Unlike Nana who simply could care less about being around people,
she’d rather spend time on her own.
Though both Hana and Nana fears ending up alone.
Hana greatly relies on Nana to protect her,
while Hana plays the more supporting role for her dearest Nana.
Hana’s body is very fragile and is so easy to get injured.
Hana is unable to handle both physical and mental pain, whenever
she has too, she’ll curl up with either Nana or her biggest stuff animal
and cry for hours.
Hana loves Nana to the fullest and looks up to her. ; ;


Nana & Hana are extremely identical and very hard
to tell apart just by looking at them.
The only way to tell who is who is by their hairstyle, clothing style & voices.
Hana’s voice is a bit higher pitched than Nana’s,
and Nana likes wearing a lot of black clothing.
They both have their own signature hairstyles, Nana’s hair is straight
while Hana’s hair is curly.
When the girls are not in a good mood and just want to be left alone,
they make their hair wavy, dress the same and
does not speak so that they can
not be told apart so that people are intimated to engage in conversation
because they are too afraid they may be speaking
to the wrong girl.

Most of the time, the girls past lover’s could not tell them apart.
They could be around the guy, switch back n forth
and the guy would never know
he’s been talking to two different girl’s all this time.

It’s the same thing with their friends and family,
there are only actually a very
select few who are able to tell them
apart even when they look like the same person
and make themselves seem like the same person.

This makes them able to talk to the same people online,
and the person would not know which girl they are talking,
even more they don’t even know they are talking to two different girls.


Try not to be fooled by these girls because they are a very tricky bunch.
When online, they both use different names.
By doing this, they are sorta leaving it up to you for which girl you’ll talk to,
depending on what name or nick name you refer to them as, such as Example:
Ryoko & Yoko
They may give you the option by saying “You may call me Ryoko or Yoko for short”
So if one moment you address the girls as Ryoko
and depending on which girl is
using that name then you will get to talk to that girl.
So Hana may go by Ryoko so if you address her by Ryoko then Hana will
be the one talking to you.
If you address her by Yoko then Nana will get online and begin talking.


Either way these girls are a HUGE ocean of cuteness!

Keep updated if you would love to learn more about these girls
and see what they are up to ~ ❤

For now feel free to enjoy the rest of your time on
this blog. c: