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Mѕ.Sтeαl Yoн Gιrl
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°P R O L O G U E°

“You’re going to attend school among earthlings.”

“What!?” I had to do a double spit take at my father’s words while drinking a can of soda. What, like. What-The-Hell?

I shoot the otherworldly being of darkness a questioning look. Whom only looks back at me indifferently.

“Your mother and I already hexed the humans minds, they believe you are a new student attending their college. So act the part.”


“And you will be living on earth in a house with your brother.” My father had interrupted me before I could deject. Obviously not wanting to hear my two-cents and opinions.

To be honest, I have no idea where this is coming from all the sudden. My father nor mother has ever brought up the topic about ‘school’, especially human school for that matter. Quite frankly the thought of ‘human’s made them annoyed, with my mom being queen of succubus’s and my father being the original ‘Death’ before my brother became the new grim reaper and what not. So naturally their feelings towards humans are toxic.

I on the other hand could care less, humans have always been a personal interest of mine, they’re like cute little idiots. You wanna think of them as distasteful beings but then at the same time, they’re very interesting in their own way.

I set the can of soda down on a nearby table as a light smile curved my lips. Maybe attending a human college wouldn’t be all that bad. It would definitely be a change of scenery from the ‘otherworld’.

I look over to the former death himself who had been observing me and part my lips to finally speak, “Fine, I’ll attend a human school, but what made you and mom come up with this decision?”

My father chuckles at my question and takes a seat on his grand chair, propping his legs onto the poor undead servant boy who was acting as a makeshift footstool. I can’t help but feel sorry for the vampire, he could have been anything he wanted and so he decided to become a servant reduced to being a footstool. I’m sure his mother would be proud.

I shake my head, brushing off the thought and look back over to my father who seemed to have been patiently waiting for my full attention.

“May I begin?” He says and I quickly nod my head. “About time.”

I scoff and roll my eyes,”Just tell me why you and mom suddenly decided it would be a great idea to send me to a human school.”

My father lets out another low chuckle and begins explaining, “You’re nineteen, Calamity. You can’t spend all of your life doing nothing in the underworld all day. You’re a reaper, a necromancer, so you should be on earth reaping souls along with your brother.”

I cross my arms and raise an eyebrow “So is that what this is about? You’re sending me to a human school because you want me reap souls?” I can truthfully say I feel a tad bit annoyed at my father’s explanation.

“No Calamity, you didn’t let me finish.” He runs his fingers through his hair to hold back his frustration with having to explain this to me, “Not only are you reaper, but you’re a mixed breed, you’re part feline, and succubus from your mother’s side. Therefore, you would never be able to be a full Death because you aren’t a pure-breed. Having said that, you have more opportunities. You can pick what it is that you want to do with your life. May it be enslave the human race; Have them look up to you as a goddess, or whatever it is that your heart desires. You can make a name for yourself, and be known all throughout human history like your mother and I have done. While your older brother continues in my legacy. Do you understand now?” He finishes and scans me for any major reactions but all I could do was nod.

“Y-Yea, I understand.” I say and press my fingers against my temples. So my father and mother expects me to make something ‘legendary’ of myself? I rub the spot my fingers are pressed against trying to gain my thoughts. This would not be easy, I don’t even know where to begin to make myself well known, and well known for what? Ugh, I can’t think right now!

I grip my hair and as if on cue, my father notices my distress and comes over to comfort me. “Don’t fret my dear, your mother and I aren’t expecting you to become a mighty being amongst the humans. We only want you to do what you think is best for you.” He ruffles my hair like he use to do when I was younger after I did something mischievous to give me his approval. “In the end, we only want you to be happy with what you decide to do.”

At that, I feel myself relax. Looking forward to go living on the human world once more.