❥Behind the screen. ME.♡

The FABULOUS girl behind the screen. ❤
huehuehue o3o
★ H a n a ✰


Name: Hana Angel Mejia
Age: teen
Nationality: Mixed
Gender: -w-
Height: 5’2
Blood type: o positive
Stars and Planets aligned: 12.26
Horoscope: Capricornus (( Capricorn ))
??? Love is Love.♥
Relationship status😕
Personality: AWESOME. Cute. Adorable. Silly. Random. Sassy. Youthful. Passionate.
Compassionate. Deep thinker. Very Hyperactive. Loving. Humorous. Nurturing.
Extremely Playful. Gamer Girl. Sweet. Kind. Gets too attached to things or people. Open-minded. Dark sense of humor. Soul of a kid. Short attention span. Unique. Friendly. Lazy. Creative. Mysterious. Girly & Tom-boyish at times. Yandere ((Not even kidding, I’m a real life yandere girl from being cheated on so much I’ve become that way, but am I insecure? Pfft heel no > w < I know I’m the shiznips ~ Guys don’t know what they’re missing out on. huehuehue))

{{. Likes:: Icecream. Animals. Singing. Dancing. Roleplaying. Videogames. Music. Skyping in call. Cantaloupe. Strawberries. Hugs. Snuggling. Stuffed animals. Cute things. Candy. Pizza. Being random & silly.}

|✘|Dislikes|. Harems. Cheaters. Dishonesty. Lies. One word responses(Texts, Messages, ect.). Cliche anime. Attack on Titan (Sucks ). The names Melody & Mary (Hate those names because of two people.). Monkeys. Bugs. Fake people. Spiteful people. Haters. 

Skills: Horse bareback riding. Writing. Drawing. Cooking. Good with animals. Multitasking. HTML savvy. Crafty with my hands. Vocalist. Pianist.

– – – – – – – ✿❤✿ – – – – – – –



(( Hana-ness; No filter needed ‘Hurr hurr’ ) August 2015)

11694030_1450182255284016_5119425480026662923_n17319_1450182491950659_5558786200298835621_n 11701048_1450182435283998_6283930318638253568_n
(( My Lily Girl. ) February 2015 )

(( Hana & Nana. )2014)

(( My Sketch. ) September 2014 )

(( Me & My Baby Girl Lily. ) October 2014 )

10671425_487081991431238_7656710949702460303_n1922254_479311605541610_6393055446133783350_n 10474740_479311622208275_9042855687514652135_n 10628221_479311592208278_1450307067639688746_n  11202103_1450182138617361_8992556769140762393_n 11402963_1450182575283984_5334151650890925163_n 11542107_1450182608617314_6337675461103656674_n 11659392_1450182588617316_4550434721094506342_n 11665510_1450182165284025_5194031606488907237_n 11666195_1450182518617323_6160973493488888840_n 11709826_1450182555283986_742945882385062611_n
((My Lily Baby ❤ ) October – December 2014 )

1470089_488583717947732_7544508051171840871_n 10613064_488583754614395_8671816493633676675_n 10675747_488583731281064_893497254051983306_n
(( Lily being creepy as fork) Halloween 2014 )

(( Hana Or Nana & Horse Traveler. ❤ ) May 2014 At W.B. Saul High school of Agriculture )

(( Wake Up In The Morning Like “Dafuq happened to you???” ) 2013 )

253245_257600601046046_1009219103_n 941350_257599531046153_1072217693_n 945665_257601187712654_1136606976_n
((Look at dis girl being all sexy; huehue > w < ) 2013)

(( Majestic. ) July 2013 )

(( Pet Hana =w= ) 2013 )


{.Hana’s Favorite song List

Song I’m Going to marry: My Black Dahlia By Hollywood Undead.♥

Nneka – Heartbeat (Chase and Status Remix)
Diana Vickers – The Boy Who Murdered Love
The seeking – So cold



1 thought on “❥Behind the screen. ME.♡”

  1. You are so sexy and beautiful! That’s coming from me, a girl who’s supposed to be straight. xD

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