❣~Ni★ Haiiii Zackie-chuuuuuu~♪

[ B A S H ~ ! ]
Whaaa ~ TTATT *Sniff sniff*

Ne ~ Zackie-chuu where do I even start wiff you hmm ? O w o

Mkay mkay mkay, Hana gots this >:3

The first time we met each other was on youtube through our older brother ‘Jack’
I told you I was his {rp} little sister and then it turned out you were his {rp} brother
So that made us S I B L I N G S♪

Right from there we hit it off perfectly as new found lil sis & big bro ; w ;
Mawaru Penguin Drum captura 2

From then on, it was amazing ! We played around as siblings and had two
GIANT doggies named Nora and Magna ~
From there we shared so many laughs and giggles ♪ 


We were always so silly with each other
and you always had me laughing so hard at the funny things
you’d do or say ~ You’d make me break out into laughter at such random
times, then people would instantly turn and stare at me //Facedesk @u@”
I was going through a light depression then
And you went and filled my life with so much laughter ツ

Then times became dark
Me and Jack seemed to become distant and I did not understand why
I went to you about it and immediately you comforted me and had me feeling better ~

Suu things became brighter again as our
bond continued to grow with each passing day
and fun new experiences { ♪ }

Day after day to week after week and month after month
I looked up to you as a real big brother
everything was going so perfect
I finally had the big brother I had always wanted~♡

But then google had to be the BIGGEST BUTTCHEEK EVER!
and changed youtube.. = . =
Youtube became hideous and many people left
so, so was I ~
But you asked me to stay ~
And I truly felt wanted, so I stayed for as long as I could
Unfortunately things became quiet as more and more people left
and school became a Huge factor in my life with getting accepted into
high schools so I stopped getting on and then days to weeks to months passed
as we had not communicated continuing on with our daily lives as time went on for us in the outside world✘

Still months went by that we had not spoken until one day
I decided to get my little tush back on youtube
so much nostalgia seeing what things use to be like and the
abandoned accounts of old friends
then I spotted yours
[ fingers crossed ~ ! ]
I was hoping so much that you were still there and to my happy surprise
you were~! ♫
You have no idea how happy I was that you were still there ❤
More time passed as we were on Anivide together
and reconnected
From there you made me this:

Hana Nana (hehe =w=) It’s been like over a year already since I met you. *w* I remember when I did too, you were trying to bond closer to Jack, but then you had thoughts about leaving. Good thing we already met before you started thinking that way, huh? =u= I was so sad when you starting thinking about leaving. I really don’t know how my life would have been if I hadn’t of met you. Whenever we talk, you’re always so cheerful and happy, and no matter what mood I’m in, you get me right in the laughing core. xD To me, it’s almost like you really are my sister, personal flesh and blood. Thank you so much, I’m so glad I met you, my little Imouto-chaan ❤ I hope we never forget or leave each other x3x I especially don’t want you to get angry at me ;-; Pinkie over pinkie that we got each other’s backs! ♥ Love ya~
( Yes I kept it ❤ )

“Pinkie over pinkie that we got each other’s backs!”
I always remembered that
and I want nothing more but to be there for you
and make you Happy Zackie ~ ♥

Oh ~ !
I remember first starting high school
I was so shy and nervous back then ( ! )
Everyone and everything was suu new to me
But a few weeks later we had exchanged numbers
And started texting every night . \( ^ o ^ )/

I then had started to notice a change in myself
I felt a lot more happier
I started to look forward to every night
that I would be able to talk to you Zackie-chuu
It left me feeling happy in the mornings
( Yes ~ ! Even on a school morning I could be happy ewe
All thanks to you ~ ! ❤ )
Which made school a piece of yummy cake
It motivated me to get through the day
Soo that I would later be able to talk to Zackie again ~

large (7)
:: After we started texting
it felt like we had grown much closer . ♥


(( .::July 1st::. I’m going to stop for a moment to say:
H A P P Y   B I R T H D A Y

 Zackie you have no idea how special you are ~ { ! }
You are such an amazing person who deserves the very best
So I hope you have a very happy birthday today ♡
You’ve done nothing but make me smile and I want you to smile always~
your happiness means so much and I hope I too am able to make you smile☆

You are the best big brother to have step foot on this earth EVER
And I’m the luckiest little sis alive to have you ~
So ‘HA!’ take that other sisters in the world  ~ !
I has the best and most awesome big brother in teh universe \(^o^)/ ~♡
Huggles n’ Kisses Zackie-chuuu
Love you always ❤


——–  ❤——–


:: You always stayed by my side through all these years Zackie-Zack
And I am truly happy and grateful for that ::

You’ve made these years some of the happiest ever ☆
I know we are getting older now
And things in our lives may start changing
But I hope we stay in contact forever
You are someone I never want to lose
Ever ~ !

Always stay the happy, fun & lovable person
I have grown to know & love over these years . ( ♥ )

I love you, Zackie . ♡
☆ . Have a Happy New Years . ☆

[[ UPDATED . !!
»  ❤ «

{ .::Singing::. }
Zackie-Zack ~ Zackie-Zack
You could give my heart a heart attack.

Huehuehue. ~

I’m su happy Zackie-chuu is still here in my life
::Le Cliiings::
I always hope you’ll be here
I know that one day we’re going to end up having Adult ((Ahh! burn it ,_,))
Lifes ; 3 ;
A-and we may not ever hear from each other Again
//Dun duuuuun! ~

Buuut I don’t wanna think about that happening e^e
In all honesty throughout all these years
you have no IDEA how much you’ve impacted my life. ~
In a good way~ { ! } c:

You’ve always made me smile and to tell you
the truth;
I’ve always looked up to you,
you’ve always been my idol Zackie.❥


In truth I’m afraid that one day you’ll fade away ~
and it honestly scares me to think that.✘//

{Takes deep breath.}}

Suu now that we’re in a deep topic I may as well get something
Off mi chest x u x

‘Okie okie Hana you’re a big girl now so say it,
or future me is not letting you have any ice cream later’ e w e

Ohmigawd D: b-but I want ice cream later
fine i’ll say it ; w ;

{{.Here goes..

Zackie-Zack I’ve had a crush on you for a long while. ~
I always enjoyed how playful we could be with each other
How much we would playfully tease each other,
how easy it was to talk to you whenever something was on my mind. }}
Still do.♡
superthumb (1)

. . .


✘.I never had the courage to tell you.✘

I always thought you would reject me or you didn’t feel the same
And when I finally did,
I was going to go tell you ~
But it was too late;
I seen you already had someone  </3

::For awhile it hurted,
and as much as I wanted to feel down about it
telling myself I missed my chance;
I didn’t.~
I felt happy for you as your little sister,
and as long as you were happy that was all that mattered to me♥;;

★★. With whatever choices you make,
how your mind grows;
How your heart changes,
However you may grow && change;;
❤I just want us to always be close.❤

{.Muwha 💋

anime_couple__walpaper__by_nekocassiopeia-d660lsbI ♥ Y.O.U

(( To be continued..  ))


( ★ )


3 thoughts on “♥Zackie-chuu♪”

  1. This is very touching… *Snifflez* I hope you two are able to maintain a close sibling relationship 5everrrrrrrr!@#$%

  2. This is too cuute! >//o////3//<

  3. I’m super sure he’ll love this! c’: I hope you two stay close! >//3//<

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