☀.Ɓєgιn Agαιn.☽ 4 Yeαr Aɴɴιverѕαry❣

~Day 1~

The sun.

“You’re mine and only mine, no one can have you…NO OONNE!!” Screams Purplebear, to which Hana just flicked his forehead.

“Are you finished being dramatic now?”

“NO!” Purplebear puffs up his cheeks and stomps his foot on the bed. In his head, the mere weight of his foot caused a god-like earthquake that shakes the whole universe, creating a rip so deep in the space-time continuum that it demolishes the very existence of the human race.

Hana being very aware of Purplebear’s thought, simply shakes her head and giggles.

“ANY-ways, the sun will be here soon, Purplebear. So please help me fix up my bed that YOU messed up. Although..” Hana seductively bites her lip, “The bed will get messed up again after Andrew-“

“STOP!” Purplebear yells in a heated, irritated voice, “Don’t you DARE complete that sentence.”

“Heehee, calm down, Purplebear, all I was going to say was ‘co-OMPH” Hana gets hit in the face by a pillow thrown by a agitated Purplebear.

“I told you not to complete that sentence!” He hisses, while the pillow falls back down onto the bed.

“Besides. You’re mine and that darned sun isn’t allowed to touch you!”

“Who, me?” Andrew walks in with a mischievous grin  and flicks Purplebear’s forehead before lifting Hana into his arms and spinning her around playfully.

Hana blushes and giggles as she is spun around by her beloved, “Goodmorning, Mon Prince.~”

“Goodmorning, Hanababy.” Andrew smiles and places her down.

“Geeeet ouuut!” Purplebear was down at the sun’s feet, punching his lower legs with all his might.

“Take that, and that! SUPLEX! ELBOW DROP!”

He called out each move while executing them. Although for Andrew it just felt like soft pillows hitting his leg.

He allowed Purplebear to continue until the poor thing tuckered himself out.

“Whew.. I’m.. I’m gonna…” he pants, “I need a nap..”

Andrew and Hana watches as Purplebear climbs up onto the bed and instantly K.O.’s.

Once he’s out like a light, the sun and the goddess exchange humored looks before laughing.

“Well then-” Hana claps her hands together and looks up at Andrew, “I’m going to make you breakfast.~” She declares with a cheerful smile and turns on her heel to leave but is all the sudden grabbed by her wrist and pulled back over to him.

“Don’t think I forgot.” Andrew grins widely, exposing his pearly whites.
His eyes expressing unconditional love while they lock with Hana’s eyes.
He then leans in and places a kiss against the center of Hana’s chest, just below her neck.
The kiss marked spot glows and changes into a beautiful necklace.

Hana gasps in awe, taking in its beauty before her eyes look back up at Andrew who leans in with his lips only mere seconds away from hers.

“Happy Anniversary Week, my love.” 


The Moon.

The night was quiet and the room was dark except for the light that illuminated  through the window, covering Hana’s bed like a blanket.

She laid with her back pressed against the wall, underneath the window. Wrapped up completely like a burrito.

She was unaware of the silent presence that entered her room.

She was too fast asleep to feel a weight press down on the bed, or the protective arms that made their way around her petite frame.

She had no idea that she was being held in a embrace by the moon as he brought her close, letting her sleep in his arms.

But he knew she had been trying to wait, she must had fallen asleep in the process.

The moon lifts his hand and runs his fingers gently through his goddesses hair. Knowing that it would sooth and relax her in her sleep.

He continues stroking her long curly locks, while manipulating her dream. Changing it into something he knew would make her happy like: Unicorns, puppies and Ice Cream.

A light smile forms his lips after a bright smile and a giggle escaped Hana’s own lips.

‘This is nice… seeing her happy like this.’ he thought to himself.
Knowing that Hana was happy always made him feel happy on the inside even when he didn’t express it.

This went on for a few more minutes until Purplebear began to stir in his sleep. After a moment, Purplebear was awake, standing on the bed staring at the moon with a horror blank look in his eyes.

The moon turned to look at him and they just stared at each other up until Purplebear opened his mouth to scream but the moon quickly made a shadow cover his mouth so he wouldn’t wake up his precious sleeping beauty.

Since Hana and Purplebear were telepathically connected, she could sense his distress in her sleep, causing her to wake up.

Her eyes slowly opened, revealing blurry vision so she takes a moment to let her eyes focus. Once she could see clearly, she was met face to face by her knight.

“Pein~!” Her expression lights up and she immediately wraps her arms around his neck and nuzzles his face.

After the excitement wears off, she frowns and releases her arms from his neck to allow some personal space.

“I’m sorry, I must have dozed off..” She bites her lip to hold back tears.
She began feeling hurt and angry at herself because she had wanted to spend some time with the moon but had wasted it by falling asleep.

“Hey now..” Pein didn’t like to see her frowning, let alone upset.
He brushes a few strands of hair out of her face and wipes away a single tear that had begun to run down the corner of her eye, “It’s okay, Hana.. there’s no need to apologize.. You were sleepy, you don’t ever have to apology for something like that, okay?” he says reassuringly and softly holds her hand.

“Okay..~” She nods and tries to hold back her sadness.

Pein then brings her hand up to lips, “Besides, it’s not even twelve yet.. We have all night to spend together.” he says, knowing exactly what was going on in her little mind.

Hana’s heart skips a beat as the moon gently places a kiss against the back of her hand.
The kiss mark suddenly fades and around her finger all the way down to her wrist appeared a gorgeous ring-bracelet.

Hana’s heart was beating out of her chest at this point, not even noticing Pein lean in until he whispers into her ear, “Happy Anniversary Week, my dear.”

~Day 2~

The sun.

“Where are you going?”


“Out where?”

“To find ideas.~”

“To find ideas for what?”

Hana stood at the door staring at Purplebear who kept asking her questions while she was trying so desperately to leave. She didn’t have time for questions, she-

“I’m going to look for anniversary ideas for The Sun.~”

“OohhHHHH, then I wanna come.”



“Because I know you’ll only try to sabotage me of finding any ideas.~”

At Hana’s remark, Purplebear crosses his arms and pouts, “I wouldn’t try to sabotage you if you were trying to find gift idea’s for me.”

Hana only shakes her head and smiles, “I’ll be back later Purplebear.~” she says while finally walking out the door, closing it behind her.

Once outside Hana looks around the land of green. Being the earth goddess, she lived around lots of forest land, with trees, flowers and even wildlife. Speaking of wildlife, Hana walks past two wolves playing, one male and the other female. Seeing the two instantly reminded her of The Sun and herself. Which speaking of-

Hana quickly stops in her tracks and takes cover behind a tree. He was there, The Sun was leisurely relaxing in the hot springs.. NAKED. At the thought of Andrew’s naked body, Hana’s cheeks flush a dark shade of pink.

Oh goodness, why was he there? and now? and naked??

Hana’s heart began beating so fast, she had to do something. Oh!

“YAT-TA ~ !” Oh crap.

Hana quickly covers her mouth and peaks around the tree to see if he heard her. Nope, all good and clea- A stream of The Sun’s rays, slithers over like a snake and wraps itself around Hana’s ankle before dragging her all the way towards the hot spring.

In which she is suddenly  yanked inside followed by a loud splash.

“So you’re the little perverted Hana that was peeping at me.” Andrew says while grinning as he pulls Hana up against him by her wrist and pins her between the corner of the hotspring and his masculine chest.

He then looks down at the girl trapped with nowhere to go while she squirms to get away from him but to no avail.

Giving up, her shoulders slump and she puffs up her cheeks while staring up at the Sun defiantly. “I’m not a pervert! YOU’RE the one casually out here half naked soaking in the springs!” She says matter-of-factly, only  for her words to fall on deaf ears.

The Sun hadn’t bothered to listen to a word she was saying, he was too busy looking down at the high-pitched girl with an amused expression plastered on his face.

Annoyed by his expression, Hana began to protest. “H-Hey~! You weenie listen to me-oh~!”

Andrew quickly decided to shut her up by locking his lips with hers, him being the only one kissing at first until Hana soon melted into the kiss, causing it to become a deep and passionate one.

The kiss only became deeper and more love-filled as Andrew releases the goddess’s wrist and brings his hand up to her cheek while his other hand began to roam her body.

In an instant, Hana pulled away from the kiss to release a pleasure filled moan.

Then quickly looked down into the water to find that Andrew had effortlessly slid a finger inside of her slit. Before she could even wrap her head around what was happening, his finger was already going in and out of her with long, fast strokes.

The intensity causing the Goddess to wrap her arms around the Sun’s neck for support against the pleasure while her eyes closed, allowing herself to delve deeper into the sensation.

“A-Andrew..” She moans and the Sun smirks, watching her give into him.

It turned him on seeing her succumb to him but..

“Alright that’s enough.”…It was so much more pleasing to tease her.

The Sun chuckles at his own words and pulls his finger out of the poor girl before she could climax.

Unsatisfied, the Goddess groans as her eyes shoot open to look up at the Sun, pleadingly. “Nuuu… don’t stop noow..!” She whines.

Andrew laughs at his Goddess’s reaction and shakes his head. “Nope, you’ve had enough.” He says teasingly.

“Wha- NO I HAVEN’T!” Hana snaps then pouts. “Continuuuueeeee~!”

Andrew pretends to consider the thought of continuing, getting Hana’s hopes up just to knock them back down. “Nope.” He laughs as he pokes her sides.

“EEP~!” Hana glares at him, crosses her arms and puffs up her cheeks, “This is Hana-Abuse.”


The Moon.

The Sun had already set now and the sky was growing dark.

The noise that had illuminated the day has come to a rest and all the creatures of the morning were retreating to their homes while the creatures of the night were just waking up.

The air was quiet and still, although much cooler during the night than the morning.

But even during this time for rest, there was still one soul awake.

“Begin again~” ( Begin again..
Begin again… )
The Earth Goddess’s voice echoed throughout the night, reaching the starry sky.

“I’ve been watching your kindness keep
A lonely company
Look at the fire and think of me~”
She looked upwards as her singing rang out towards the Moon in a soft tune, knowing that he could hear it.

“I’ve been watching you creep
Around my wandering feet
Trying for years to flee~”
She sang out loudly, lacing love within every word, while inlaying a cryptic message between the lines of her song.

Once finished, her voice hushed and it was like the stars were replaying the song back to her while time continued on.

( I need not one thing more
Oh wrap the ground around… )
The Goddess walked the land until she came across the Moon. He was peacefully resting in a bed of soft flowers. His innocent visage, causing a gentle smile to appear on Hana’s face.

( …Your gentle winding mind
Oh guard the pounding sound )
She kneels down beside him and leans in to place a goodnight kiss upon his lips despite her rapidly pounding heart.

( Breathe in your fiery air
Oh wrap the ground around… )
In one fluid motion, the tables were suddenly turned.
The Moon’s eyes had opened and in an instant he had wrapped his arms around the Goddess and flipped her onto her back as he hovered over top of her. Gripping his hands onto her hips and pulling her underneath him as their eyes met, hers filled with bewilderment and surprise.

( …Give back an hungrier stare
Oh guard the pounding sound )
The look in the Moon’s eyes on the other hand were filled with hunger, lust and passion as they stared deeply into Hana’s own, only causing her heart to beat faster while she stared into the fire burning in his eyes, much like The Sun.

( You be the moon.. I’ll be the earth
And when we burst
Start over, oh darling..
Begin again..
Begin again..
Begin again.. )
Before words can even be exchanged, Pein leans in and begins kissing Hana with hungry, longing kisses, as if he would never be able to get enough of her.
At first this sudden burst of affection is a surprise to Hana, until she loses herself within the kiss. Kissing him back with as much fire and longing that he was doing to her, parting her lips when he licked them to allow his tongue entrance.

( You be the moon, I’ll be the earth
And when we burst
Start over, oh darling~
Begin again,
Begin again,
Begin again~ )
The Moon’s tongue explored the Goddess’s tongue as they both intertwined. Meanwhile, he began to grind himself against her, eliciting soft moans to escape her lips as they french kiss.

( My moon oh my moon
Not even into
Another eternity
Will you stop your lovely orbiting… )
The Moon deepened and dominated the french kiss before separating away from it, leaving a trail of saliva between their tongues when he does.

( I had held it a world away
Until my body ‘gan to say oh-oh oh-oh oh-oh )
After scanning Hana’s face which was clearly flustered, he places his hands underneath her lower thighs and lifts them up, slightly bending them back towards her while spreading them open to allow him just enough space to fit between her legs. Once perfectly positioned, he begins to grind his member even harder against Hana’s womanly part that is only hidden behind the thin delicate fabric of her panties.

( I need not one thing more
Oh wrap the ground around
Your gentle winding mind
Oh guard the pounding sound )
With every movement a moan escaped the Goddess’s lips, getting louder and louder the harder and faster Pein grinded against her. Narrowing his eyes to look down at the girl below him, taking in how vulnerable she looked, how much her heart was beating for him. It was like music and her voice was the song, he couldn’t get enough.

( Breathe in your fiery air
Oh wrap the ground around
Give back an hungrier stare
Oh guard the pounding sound )
A deepened moan lightly escaped The Moons lips while he pleasured and teased his Goddess. The look in her eyes were wanting and lustful, just like his and yet after a moment he stopped and all sexual movement ceased.

( You be the moon I’ll be the earth
And when we burst
Star over oh darling
Begin again
Begin again
Begin again )
Having the pleasure suddenly stop, Hana looked up at Pein questioningly, but he only leaned down and bit into her neck, jolting pleasure through her veins before moving from that area and staring down into her eyes lovingly. In that moment she understood him and why he didn’t continue, even though no words were exchanged. He knew she wasn’t ready yet.

( You be the moon I’ll be the earth
And when we burst
Star over oh darling
Begin again
Begin again
Begin again )
He smiled lightly knowing that she could understand him as he softly stroked her face and leaned in for another kiss. His lips captured hers but instead of it being a dominating kiss, this one was nothing more than pure unconditional love. Although aside from love, the kiss felt different, as if it were combined, and Hana knew exactly why, she had known the whole time, that The Sun had fused with The moon for this night.

( Begin again
Begin again
Begin again
Begin again
Begin again
Begin again )
The kiss went on for another minute before both had to separate for some much needed oxygen. Once they’ve finally caught their breath, The Moon gets off of his Goddess and helps fix her up, even though not much could be done about her soaked panties, they were just a casualty of pleasure.( You be the moon I’ll be the earth
And when we burst
Star over oh darling
Begin again
Begin again
Begin again )
After a few moments, Pein, who was very slowly changing into Aein, wrapped his arms around Hana and brought her close to him, burying his face into the crook of her neck, peacefully inhaling her intoxicating scent while beginning to drift off to sleep. Knowing this, Hana smiles acknowledging her lovers sleepiness.( You be the moon I’ll be the earth
And when we burst
Star over oh darling
Begin again
Begin again
Begin again )
Wanting to make him even more comfy and relaxed, Hana begins to gently run her fingers through his hair, lightly stroking it, this action caused her lover to stir as he mumbled into her neck “That’s.. my job..” in a sleepy half awake voice. Hana just shakes her head slightly and giggles then begins to sing for him until she was sure he was finally asleep. Once knowing that he was peacefully in dreamland, she kisses his head softly and whispers “Goodnight, Mon chevalier-
And Mon prince.~”…
….”Goodnight… my dear.”

~Day 3~

The afternoon.
( Part 1 )

Hana stood there with her arms crossed staring at a man that resembled both the Sun and Moon, sitting on her bed. He sat there quietly looking up at her with his heterochromia eyes, one eye icy blue and the other a piercing silver. He looked so handsome along with his silver hair, complimented with blue in his bangs and at the tips of his hair.

“Why do you have to look so tantalizing~?” Hana mumbles with half a mind to push him down onto the bed and ride him like there was no tomorrow, or the other half a mind to flick his forehead for letting this happen.

The Moon and Sun had somehow fused together into one,  and had no idea how to unfuse. Which could cause problems because without the Sun, what would serve as a warm blanket to cover the world in it’s heat and light the sky to signal the day? Without the Moon, what would light a path in the darkness of the night and keep the scary monsters at bay? This surely was reckless.

“You weenies~!” Hana scolds and glares at the man as best she can but couldn’t keep a straight face when the handsome fusion flashed a seductive smile her way with half lidded eyes.

Why does he have to be so good looking? And what turns the Earth Goddess on more is knowing that it’s both her lovers mashed into one. This was like her favorite dessert served on a silver platter, and she was finding it hard to resist.

“O-okay so-” She begins but the fusion stands up and begins to walk towards her, startling her with how close he was getting.

“Hana..” He says as his warm breath caresses her cheek and walks closer to her while she tries to distance herself by taking steps back until there was nowhere else to go and her back hit against the door.

She was trapped and the fusion was right there so close in front of her, with one arm outstretched to the door behind her beside her face, and the other snaking its way up her thigh as her eyes widens.

Purplebear who had been quiet up until now because he thought the two were supposed to be getting a scolding, interrupts “Get your filthy hands off her!” he yells and scurries over, punching and kicking the fusions leg.

The fusion however just looked down at Purplebear indifferently and began to grin.

Moments later Purplebear was outside the room banging on the door with his soft plush hands “Let me back in!” he screams for a few seconds before he tuckers himself out and falls asleep right there.

The fusion slightly laughs then focuses back on Hana whom was looking up at him with her cheeks puffed up and a blush running across her face.

He thought it was cute but now playtime was over, as he takes his hand and grips it under her jaw, squeezing his fingers against her cheeks to un-puff them “That’s better.” He says then leans in for a long passionate kiss.

The kiss lasted for a good long minute until the two had to desperately separate for some well needed oxygen. Both were slightly panting at first but when they caught their breath, the fusion wastes no time in leaning back in and stealing Hana’s lips again, filling the kiss with lust this time as it was rough and dominating.

His tongue had forced itself into her mouth, deepening the kiss, changing it into a frenchkiss. He was hungry, he wanted her, he needed her, just as much as she wanted and needed him, she wanted him to fill her body with his thickened member. And he, himself wanted to wreck her insides. He wanted her to succumb and submit to him.

Just the thought of her, surrendering herself and her body to him made his thoughts go crazy, he had to have her here and now.

The fusion places both his hands under either one of both Hana’s upper thighs and lifts her up against the door while she instinctively wraps her legs around him to help hold herself up.

Once making sure she was secure, the fusion presses his body closely against hers while using one hand to rip away her lacey panties which caused Hana to make a face because they were one of her favorite pair. The fusion grinned and whispers in her ear “I’ll make you a new pair.” he says then proceeds to remove her short sundress before easily unhooking her bra, removing that too.

Once she was completely naked, the fusion eyes her soft sexy body over, to him, she looked like a meal that he was going to devour and in no time, his member was out, pulsing while teasing Hana’s entrance.

“Do you want it, Hana?” He whispers seductively against her ear and she quickly nods her head, completely flustered.
“Then I want to hear you beg..”

 [ To Be Continued.. ♡ HAPPY 4th ANNIVERSARY MY BELOVES❤❤❤!]